PSBC Community

True community can’t be bought or faked. Once you have experienced it you won’t settle for less. For most, community is simply a mirage…an illusion of unity that never is fully attainable. At Park Springs we don’t have a secret formula that always creates true community, but we do know that Jesus longs for His Church to be unified. In addition to that, the Holy Spirit provides us the strength, grace and boldness to walk in truth with each other. So, that is what we seek to do.

Community 1

 Every Sunday morning at 9 AM, and at several other times and locations during the week in Mansfield and Southwest Arlington, groups of folks gather to build true community in order to become a vibrant community of faith.

Sunday Studies (Sunday Mornings at 9am)

  • Cultural Conversations – Senior Pastor, Charlie Kuthe will lead discussions on subjects like Guns and God, Immigration, Religion and Politics.
  • Membership 101 – Room 203 – Come join our Elders for a lively and informative six week introduction to who we are and what we believe at Park Springs. (Connect Lunch­ – October 2, class begins October 9)
  • Designed by God – Room 104 – A great class of Biblical instruction for adults with intellectual disabilities taught by Bill and Jean Jewell. Using Lifeway’s Access resources, participants will learn more about Jesus and what it truly means to be a Christian. Come check it out. (On­going)
  • Upper Room Discourse – Room 205 – Ken Wheeler teaches us from God’s Word (Ongoing)
  • Living the Word – Room 207 – If you ever wished you could reflect on a Sunday morning message and explore it’s implications more fully come join Paul Sherrill as he leads a robust discussion and application of the previous Sunday’s message. (On­going)
  • The OWLS (“Older Wiser Loving Saints”) – Room 105 –  continues an in­ depth look at the Scriptures led by various Elders. (On­going)

Community 2

Home Groups

  • Bodien – Mansfield – Meets every other Sunday at 6PM

  • Adams/Johnson – Arlington – Meets weekly on Saturday at 6PM (Includes Dinner)

  • Roberts/Lawless – Arlington – Meets twice monthly on Sunday at 6PM (Ladies Only)

  • Wheeler – Arlington – Meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month at 6:30PM

  • Kunisch – Arlington – Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 6:45PM (Includes Dinner)

  • Foster – Arlington – Meets  1st and 3rd Sunday at 5:30PM

  • Thomas – Mansfield – Meets every other Sunday at 6PM