I grew up in a home where going to church every Sunday was a must. There was an emphasis on duty but not on a personal relationship with Christ. I accepted Christ at a revival my senior year in high school through a church youth group I was attending with my best friends. I accepted Christ at that time but did not really have much spiritual growth until after college. I was married with one child when I started going to a workplace Bible study. That is where my hunger for the Word of God and the teaching to back up what I did believe about God and Christ began.

I moved to Arlington from Baton Rouge, La., at the end of 1982, and began attending Park Springs Bible Church in 1983. The Pastor at the time, Joe Falkner, was an exceptional teacher and would teach on Sundays through a book of the Bible. I could not wait to get to church on Sunday to take notes, learn what the Word was saying to us, and to grow in my faith. After many years of attending church and Sunday School classes and Bible studies, I had an opportunity to teach a class. I taught for about 17 years at Park Springs, in a Sunday School and Small Group setting.

I also had an opportunity to serve Park Springs at times in the music ministry (the choir) and drama to a small extent. I was on the Elder Board for a period of 6 years where I served 1 or 2 years as Chairman of the Board. I also have been on two mission trips to Kenya, which were a true blessing. In 2014, I lost my first wife of 37 years to a very short 105-day bout with gall bladder cancer. I pulled back from teaching class to take a break from that role shortly after that.

God has truly blessed me by bringing my current wife Cindy into my life. We are both in a unique club in that we are both widowed. Cindy is also a believer and we both are involved in a PSBC small group, which we really enjoy and cherish those friendships. We have combined our families and we currently have 4 adult children ( 3 of them are married) and 4 grandchildren. We are blessed in the fact that our children and their spouses all get along really well and are all following the Lord!!

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